7 Amazing Apps That Help You Sleep Better

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I am not going to mention anything new, in fact, it is that same old thing that says – having a sound sleep is good for your health. Having a sound sleep of 7 to 8 hours is as important as exercising and eating healthy. But, with odd office hours and hectic schedule, having a sound sleep can be difficult.

So, if you are not able to sleep in the night, I am discussing amazing 7 apps that help you sleep better.


It is a popular sleep tracking app. The app basically tracks your sleep activity so that you get to enjoy a good night sleep and also wake up in the morning at just the right time. This app will use the accelerometer of your smartphone and you can even record sounds using the app. With the help of app’s smart alarm, you can set the time at which you want to wake up.

There are also other sleep tracking metrics incorporated within the app including sleep debt log and a comprehensive knowledge base helping you to learn good sleeping habits.

Sleep As Android

This one is another great sleep tracking app. This one uses your on-board sensors in order to track your sleep and also help you wake up at a set time. The app packs in features such as – natural sounds library, conventional smart alarm, and sleep logging. The app will also analyse your sleeping patterns and will show you the graph of your sleeping habits.

This will help you in making out whether you are having sound or enough sleep or not. The app is made in a way that it easily hears snoring, sleep talk, and other anti-snoring activity while you are sleeping. There is CAPTCHA wake up verification feature, it prevents you from oversleeping.

Sleep Time+

This app is another perfect combination of sleep tracking and smart alarm clock. The app uses the sensors in order to measure your sleep quality and also wake you at the set time. Besides equipped with a smart alarm and comprehensive metrics, the app comes with soundscapes to assist you to sleep and HealthKit incorporation. The app lets you set the alarm with a single gesture. And even if your phone is in silent mode, the alarm still rings and you get to choose from 20 in-built alarms.

People suffering from snoring issue, stress, night’s sleep disorders, sleep apnea, fatigue, exhaustion, lack of sleep, tiredness, this app is perfect for all these issues. The app will help you decide Sleep Time for you and you can even give your feedback as what can be changed in the app to make it more effective.

Go To Bed 


If you have installed this app on your smartphone, it will encourage you to sleep more. The app will remind you as when is your bedtime and will track your sleep as well. The app will send push notifications to you when it is bedtime. All you need to press the buttons of Start Sleeping before going to bed and Wake Up when you wake up. This will help the app to store your sleeps and it can be further synced to the cloud. This app also gives you an opportunity to compete with your friends and loved ones on Facebook.


You must have come across various apps promising to help you sleep using the calm and soothing ambient sounds, but not every app can be customised as ‘Sleep’. Yes, there are some pre-made sounds along with images within the app, but you will surely be attracted by over 100 soothing sounds, lullabies, binaural beats, and white nose.

You can mix up the sounds you like and save them to make your own ambient sound. There is a sleep timer and a gentle wakeup timer that will slowly wake you up while making soft & soothing sounds.


Enjoy your sleep with a push of a button with the combination of sound effects, binaural beats, music, and words. Once you have set a listening duration as per your convenience, Pzizz will produce a unique sleeping soundtrack from the app’s in-built media.

You get to choose from over 10 billion combinations of audio elements and make volume adjustments for the music, vocal tracks, and sound effects in order to have desired effects.

Sleep Genius

This app is undoubtedly one of most scientifically designed apps and some of the best experts from neuroscience, sound, and sleep have played an important role in developing the app. Sleep Genius claims that their sleep music is far more effective in calming you to sleep.

‘Revival Cycle Alarm’ is designed in a way to offer you a gradual wakeup experience instead of jolting you awake. In-app features can offer you a wide variety of premium features such as –  sleep tracking features, sleep music programs & alarms and tailor-made music for power naps and relaxation.



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