8 Apple iOS 10 Features Every Apple Fan Should Know

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Apple has always strived to reach out and challenge the technological boundaries. The company, with their new iOS 10 has offered a new range of features to the Apple fans. Mr. Tim Cook said that it is their biggest release ever and it is accompanied by an extensive variety of features, services, apps and more.

So, without any further ado, let us straightway check out 8 features of Apple iOS 10 that as a fan you should know –

Lock screen

With iOS 10, the lock screen experience has just got better with an all new designed Control Center, the removal of Slick to Unlock, revamped notifications, and new Widgets side panel. The lock screen comes with a crisp and a bright look as now you don’t need to worry of the blurring of the wallpaper with the incoming notifications.

There is a Raise to Wake feature that helps in the activation of the Lock screen in the iPhone 6s, iPhone SE, and iPhone 6s Plus when picked up, exhibiting all the information on the screen itself and there is no need to have the finger on the Touch ID home button. Unlike the lock screen, the Home screen of the iPhone has a similar appearance but now it comes with 3D Touch capabilities.

3D TouchiOS10a

Apple iOS 10 has now 3D Touch. Hard-pressing the icon of ‘X’ in the notification tray clears everything and frankly, it is the most useful feature as far as practicality is concerned. In the updated Control Center, you also have the facility to 3D Touch the shortcuts if you want to make quick changes to the brightness of the torch, if you want to alter the timer length, and so on.

The widgets are given a 3D Touch boost as well which is surely a welcome move. For instance – in iOS 9, a hard press on the News icon would have hardly shown any text-based shortcuts, but in iOS 10 you are actually shown the latest news. The best part is that now you can easily check the weather, news, and you don’t need to go to the app as well.

Emoji Tap

If earlier you used to communicate using words, then Apple iOS 10 is certainly going to change the way you communicate. Whenever you type a sentence and you choose emoji keyboard, message app will be highlighting certain words which you can be replaced by emoji. This is surely going to add a zing in the way you communicate with your friends and family members.


Probably, one of the eye-catching features of iOS 10 is its updated iMessage app. With this messaging service, the company is claiming that text messaging is dead. Although, the services offered by Apple are going steadily; but somehow it is one step behind than its competitors. But, all this is going to change with the launch of new iOS 10. Apple has crammed a wide variety of features to its new chat app that will certainly prove to be a boon to the fans.

The app comes with a two colour options i.e. Blue and White along with the contact photos beside the message. You will notice new options alongside the text-input screen such as a heart, a camera, and a symbol of App Store.

New Apple Music
With over 200 million paid subscribers, Apple Music appears to be a major success since its launch. The software has undergone a complete overhaul, thus offering it a much cleaner design. As per Apple, it is a new design language that puts the music in the first place and an all new structures that support easy navigation and simplifies the search for new music.

Siri For Developers

Siri is now five years old and it is far much better than its rivals such as Amazon Alexa. This is the reason Apple has offered something new by opening the personal assistance to the third party developers. Now, this means that now you can ask Siri to send a WhatsApp or you can order an Uber, and so on.

CallKit” API

This is another interesting feature of iOS 10. With the help of this feature, VoIP apps are incorporated with the UI of iPhone and it facilitates the users to enjoy an altogether new fresh experience. Using this framework, viewing and answering the incoming VoIP calls on the lock screen can be easily done.
Different app extensions are also offered by CallKit, enabling the users to block and apply caller identification. You have the provision of making an app extension that will help in associating a phone number with a name and inform the system when that particular number should be blocked.

Hiding The Stock Apps

One of the clandestine features of iOS 10 is the ability to delete the inbuilt Apple apps. But, these apps don’t actually get deleted instead you are not simply not able to see the apps on the home screen. Moreover, these apps can also be re-added. The apps that can be deleted/hidden include – iCloud Drive, Voice Memos, Compass, Contacts, Calendar, Weather, Mail, Videos, Home, Reminders, iBooks, Find My Friends, iTunes Store, Compass, and FaceTime.

Wrap up

There is no doubt that Apple iOS 10 does have some exciting features those were missing in iOS 9 and Apple lovers are thrilled about all these new additions.

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