Amazon Echo Vs. Google Home: Which Is the Better Option?

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There is no doubt that Amazon and Google are two leading internet majors and both of them are tussling hard with their voice-controlled speaker offerings – Echo and Home. For your convenience, I have thoroughly tested both the devices and closely analysed their performance.

Well, I must say that the competition is quite stiff here. Google Home can do all those things that Amazon Echo can’t and vice versa. So, which one is for you will entirely depend on your priorities.


When it comes to building, Google Home has a smaller size, lighter in weight as compared to the taller Amazon Echo. Speaking of design, it has a minimalist design along with a touch-sensitive circle towards the top allowing you to make adjustments for volume and playing/pausing music. But, I do feel that in contrast to Amazon Echo’s simple design, Google Home looks quite elegant and modern.

When the device is active, you get to see a series of coloured lights and you will also see a mute button helping you to turn off the two microphones. You can also add a personalisation touch by having optional coloured bases – metal for £36 and fabric for £18. Inside the unit, you will find a 5cm speaker and a pair of 5 cm passive radiators as well.

Amazon Echo has an upright and cylindrical shape, it is available in two colour options – black and white. The moment you lay eyes on the gadget, you can instantly feel its solid built. The number of microphones you are getting with Echo is 7. I must say that Echo was much better in understanding the commands than the Home.


When it comes to features, Google Home’s long list of existing services easily scores over Amazon Echo.

Music Playback –

Echo comes equipped with Prime Music, but on the other hand, the Home not only comes with Google Play Music but you can easily integrate with Google Cast ecosystem. The best part is that both the devices support Spotify. Moreover, if you have a Chromecast audio, the music can be easily played through the speakers it’s connected to, all you need is to ask Google Home to play the music. But, Echo is capable of playing music only on its own speaker.

Productivity –

Google Home can easily integrate with various other services of Google such as planning routes with the help of Google Maps and also translating with the help of Google Translate. Amazon Echo has a list of compatible apps including Just Eat in the UK, Domino’s Pizza, and Uber. Using this service, you can either get the pizza delivered or request a ride to the venue to buy it on your own.

Smart Home

Amazon has recently shown great interest in the manufacturers of smart home devices as well. They have joined hands with two leading names Samsung with their product called SmartThings and Philips with their product known as Hue Lighting System. Google, the owner of the nest, is also taking interest in this field and Google Nest is integrated into Home’s functionality.

Both devices can control Philips Hue and there is no clear winner when it comes to smart home functionality.

Multiple Users

Both the devices offer support to the multiple users. But, both the speakers have their individual ways of handling multiple accounts. For Amazon Echo, in order to switch user accounts, you will have to follow a manual procedure where you have to say “Alexa, switch accounts”.

I must say, here Google Home is clever than Echo, where it can easily recognise different users with the help of their voice. You will have to give some training lessons to the speaker so that it can recognise the voice of each person by saying words like “Hey Google” and “OK Google” repeatedly. Once you have done this, everything will be smooth sailing.


When Alexa was launched, it only had the basic functions and the device was also limited to common conversations such as asking about the time and weather conditions. Then Amazon developed the software and with that, the device was able to talk about more things such as sports and calendars. For the past two years, Amazon has managed to have an impressive track record, but it is competing against the market leader, Google, for the last two decades.

Final Verdict

Well, it can be concluded here that both the devices are quite impressive and it will depend on what you will be using them for. When it comes to smart home integration, then you should go for Amazon Echo. In addition, with its impressive speakers, it can easily integrate with other services via third party Alexa Skills. But, it is the extensive search knowledge of Google Home that surpasses Amazon and its Chromecast support is also pretty neat giving it a certain edge.



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