Amazon Fire Tv Stick: Things You Need To Know About

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Amazon Fire TV stick, without a doubt, is a technological marvel. It easily connects to an HDMI port of your television. Taking not more than ten minutes, first, you need to set up Fire TV stick on your wireless network, then you can easily stream videos and your favourite music to your television.

Amazon Fire TV is a small box and comes equipped with varied standard internet video features that you would normally anticipate from a modern set-top. Well, if you have never owned a media streaming device, then there are certain things you need to know. So, without any further ado, here are things you should know.

ASAP Predictive Streaming

Short for Advanced Streaming and Prediction, this feature not only makes a prediction as what you will want to watch next but it also prepares the next video to be streamed by automatically start buffering. This means the moment you hit up, it will start playing right away.

What you should know –

Even if this feature is not all that perfect, it generally assumes your likings over time. This really comes handy in speeding up the overall experience of streaming. But, if you are really concerned about your private details, then you will want to pay attention, as there are chances you may not like the idea of the company tracking your entertainment preferences.


Amazon Fire TV aspires to surpass Sudoku games and Angry Birds. Some of the major offerings of the box include – multi-player mode, first-person shooters, side-scrollers, and more. You have the option of either using the remote control of the set-top or you can also have a separate Bluetooth controller.

What you should know –

You will get to enjoy Fire TV-specific versions of The Walking Dead by The Telltale Games, Minecraft: Pocket Edition by Mojang, Asphalt 8 by Gameloft. The company enlisted Double Fine, Sega, Gameloft, Disney, EA, and Ubisoft, to give substance to its gaming choices.

Launched exclusively for Fire TV, Amazon Game Studios launched Sev Zero. As per the company, the players will get to enjoy a fast-paced third-person shooter experience. As far as the actual gameplay is concerned, multi-player hooks friends and loved ones through mobile devices on Wi-Fi.

X-Ray (aka Kinda Sorta Karaoke)

I am sure you have come across various situations where you have wondered as who is that actor and what is the name of the song? Well, you don’t need to worry as X-Ray will handle all this. As per its “second screen’ feature, it works on the mobile devices to extract both movie and TV details from one of the leading online movie database source – IMDB such as trivia related to the shows & songs that are currently playing, credits, song names, and cast details. If you are a huge music fan, then it will provide you the lyrics as soon as the song plays.

What you should know –

Currently, it only works with Kindle Fire HDX. As per the company, the support for iPhones and iPads are in the pipeline and will be soon launched.

Voice Search  

Mr. Larsen, VP Amazon, said that the voice search is quite functional. The remote control has an embedded microphone; therefore, it really makes your task easier to look for the titles without dealing with those baffling directional buttons.

The whole process of searching for a TV show or movie one letter at a time on the directional pad can be an annoying aspect of the modern streaming. If Amazon can make this feature to work out, then this one single feature can make this box a huge success. In addition, it will also make the streaming experience much easier and entertaining.

What you should know –

I am afraid Mr. Larsen was only partially right. Voice does come handy while looking for movie titles using keywords, the name of the actors, and such. But, alas, this feature does not function with all the apps. I did test the device and both Hulu and Netflix but the results didn’t show up.

Streaming Choices

Amazon will go ahead and turn your streaming into a convenient shopping experience. The moment you call up a show or a movie, Fire TV will conveniently display all your streaming choices right there on your screen, so you can make a choice for the cheapest one.

What you should know –

In addition to Amazon Instant Video, at the moment, it only works with only a few services such as – Hulu Plus and Prime Instant Video and you will need a subscription for them. If you are a subscriber to all these services, then you will get all the movies and TV shows for free.

As per the company, they will be extending this capability to various other providers as well, but until that time, you are only having one sole option when it comes to renting or purchasing a movie i.e. Amazon.


In short, it can be said that the interface is pretty clean and it has certainly managed to pack in quite a lot without looking cluttered. The sidebar navigation is quite similar to what Roku has and it also implores the sections for search, Games, Movies, Apps, TV, Settings, Watchlist, Photos, and Video Library.

What you should know –

If you are unwilling to wait, I am sure you will surely cherish the relative ease and speed at which you get to flip through the pages and smoothly navigate to varied screens.


The best thing about Amazon Fire TV is that it is easy to use and extremely swift as well. A lot of its credit goes to its ASAP feature.

What you should know –

If you are well-versed with hardware and A/V, then you will surely like Fire TV’s specs. The box comes loaded with – 2 GB memory, quad-core processor, support for 1080p videos, dedicated GPU, Wi-Fi with MIMO (Multiple In and Multiple Out), dual-antenna, and Dolby Digital Plus surround sound.



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