Android Dialer App Creates Microsoft Ecosystem in Developing Markets

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Microsoft is busy working on apps that can envelope developing markets and pull users into the Microsoft ecosystem effectively. Yes, it is Android dialer app set-in to developmental phase that includes true caller features as well. Now, dialer app is getting developed for Asia users and this new app concentrates on the dialer section of the Android operating system.

The Skype developers are said to have initiated this app work and it adapts a unique character, you can dial contacts and operate on slower data connections such as 2G, and 3G. Experts say, although it is not clear whether it is going to provide users with Skype like experience, it is said to have engaged heavy integration.

There are also reports from Gadgets 360 that this app can function as a default phone and can become a replacement for the stock dialer app which most of the Android phones are set to shipping. Another provision that allows Microsoft user is to have a look up on the contact information of people offices, and the places close by, from within the app.

In addition to it, dialer offers Truecaller –like real-time information, which flashes about caller on the smart screen and it allows an option to the user to pick up a call or block or spam caller. Experts say that it is not clear as what kind of process Microsoft is about to apply to power its database whilst Truecaller enables crowd sourced data to power its database. In a way, Microsoft is trying to net wider customer base in the developing countries like India by investing its time and energy for the 2G and 3G networks. The exact date of Android dialer app release is not yet known but a beta version is likely to release by next month.

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