Apple TV vs Android TV: Which is the best for you?

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I think we all agree that the television is one of the important communication and entertainment tools. Now, with the advancement in the field of technology, it has become important to have a Smart TV at home. Everyone wants to use the latest technology and this is the reason you can see Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, Apple TV in almost every home.

Speaking of Smart TVs, if you want to buy between Apple TV or Android TV, so what will be your choice? I know it’s hard to make a decision, so here is the comparison between both of them to make things easier for you and yes at the end, I will give my verdict.

Apple TV vs Google Android TV comparison

I am going to compare both these television streaming devices on the basis of streaming services, apps, and features. Apple TV was introduced as a convenient way of transferring content from an iTunes to the television.

In the competition of Apple TV, Google launched Android TV, a successor of Google TV. Google also introduced Chromecast, an HDMI dongle that helps in streaming your favourite videos directly from YouTube and various other service providers.

This is it, this is where I am going to discuss both the TVs in detail, first up will be Android TV.

About Android TV

In simple words, all your favourite things you love watching on your smartphones, tablets, and laptops, you get to enjoy them right on your Android TV. But, this does not mean you will be able to take the calls, but it’s all about the convenient navigation, hassle-free access to entertainment, and easy interactivity that you get to enjoy. It all boils down to making your TV smart and doing it convincingly with an interface that is easy to use and recognisable.

Android TV comes with voice control features. The device has a card-based interface and you can easily do all the things you want to do without a complicated menu system. All the important entertainment apps are available and there is also an opportunity for the developers of Android apps to adapt the apps for the big screen viewing.

With the help of Android TV, you can easily customise the content as per your likings. The best thing about Android TV is that you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to use it. The moment you switch on your television; you will have the gorgeous looking home screen right in front of you. The screen will have a vertical stream of rows and navigating through each row from left to right side is quite fun.

I really liked the voice search feature and I am sure most of the users will also appreciate this particular feature. With the help of your voice, you can easily search for a particular item. Let us assume, you want to watch your favourite movie or a particular TV show, all you need is to say the name of the item and Android TV will do the rest for you.

About Apple TV 

Apple is always known for its path-breaking technology and advanced innovations and Apple TV is no different. In the past decade, Apple TV is the only product that underwent frequent changes than any other product. With the help of tvOS operating system (also has its own App Store), Apple TV can now serve a wide range of purposes. Apple TV also comes with a Siri Remote and it has a dedicated Siri button as well. With the help of AirPlay along with your Mac or iOS device, streaming photos, videos, and your favourite music from your iPhone, iPod, or iPad is a piece of cake.

In case you have lost your Apple TV remote or your little kid has kept it somewhere and you are not able to locate it, you don’t need to worry as you can download the Apple TV remote app. This will help you to use the keyboard on your iPhone or iPad to type in your query. If you feel that the touch surface is a little sensitive, then you can do minor tweaks. In order to adjust the speed of the scroll, first you need to go to the settings, then to remotes & devices, and finally, you will reach the touch surface tracking. This is where you will see the default setting as medium and you can change it to as per your convenience (fast or slow).

Well, if you are one of those who likes to keep things in an organised manner, then Apple TV lets you do just that. Apple TV enables you to keep the apps organised in varied folders. No, this is not a new way, in fact, it works the same way folders do in iOS.

If you really want to enhance the overall viewing experience, all you need to send your favourite content from your iOS device to your Apple TV screen using AirPlay Mirroring. You have to ensure your Apple TV and iOS device is on the same network. While using Apple TV, if you have clicked through a number of screens and you want to go back to the home screen, all you need is to press the Home button, make sure you have pressed it only once. In case you are interested in seeing all the apps you have opened, then you need to press the Home button twice.


Well, I think that the availability of the content is a key decision point here. And in regard Android TV certainly, has an edge over Apple TV. So, for now, my vote goes to Android TV.



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