Could you build the PC of your dreams?

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Although more and more people are opting to use smartphones and tablets, there is still value in having a PC at home for the prolonged use and heavy-duty storage. Fancy a challenge? It stands to reason that building your very own PC is a great way of getting the computer you have always desired as you can tailor it to exactly what you need it for i.e. home, business or gaming. Like anything you make or create yourself, there’s no doubt that building your own PC gives great sense of satisfaction but  on the other hand, you cannot beat the convenience of just picking a PC off the shelf and handing over your hard-earned money at the till. Job done! .

So let’s look at the reasons why you should consider building your PC.


The stand-out benefit of building a custom built PC from scratch is the variety of parts. Any PC you choose from a how-to-build-a-pc retailer will have its components and specifications already chosen for you. More often than not, this forces the more discerning customer to have to make compromises on what they want and need. By building your own PC, you get to choose which parts you need to use in order to meet your own specifications.

Another advantage of building your own PC is the cost. The more powerful the PC involved, the more money you save by building rather than buying.

Finally, building a PC from scratch is fun and fascinating! It increases your knowledge and you learn to understand how all the parts work. By gaining this knowledge, it will help to troubleshoot any problems the computer may have and will end up saving you money on repair bills if you can do it yourself. More money to be saved!


Having looked at the advantages, now it’s time to preach some caution. Choosing the parts for your own PC can be a frustrating, even stressful, process especially if you do not know much about the technology and are a novice building a PC for the first time. It will necessary to invest time also. Research about the different parts is key because you might build your PC with parts that do not work together or may not fit within the case, thus forfeiting the money-saving advantage mentioned above!

But the main disadvantage of building your own PC is the lack of help from one single company if things go wrong; each part you used in the PC will have probably come from a different manufacturer and if there is a problem with it, then you will have deal to with the appropriate organisation to get it fixed. With a pre-built system if anything goes wrong, you only have to deal with one manufacturer and call up one warranty department. It is worth mentioning though that if you build the PC yourself and one part fails, then it is probably going to be quicker to replace it yourself rather than waiting for manufacturer to send another part out.

In summary, the factors involved in this decision are time, money and convenience. Ask anyone who has taken the plunge and they’ll tell you, it is definitely worth investing time and money into building your own custom PC, as you will be getting the perfect machine for you with the money-saving and job satisfaction that goes with it.

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