Microsoft Windows 10 – Key Features You Need To Know

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Windows 10 is undoubtedly the best operating system by the American multinational technology company – Microsoft. Its advanced features and the impressive overall presentation makes it one of the preferred operating systems across the world. It has worked across all Windows-powered systems devices from personal computers, tablets, smartphones to the Microsoft’s Xbox one games console.

Along with the launch of Windows 10, Microsoft also launched their much-awaited web browser called Edge, replacing the outgoing Internet Explorer. In addition, their voice assistant – Cortana will also move to the desktop computers for the first time. In case you missed the news, let me give you a roundup of everything you need to know about Windows 10.

Microsoft Edge

Windows 10 has replaced the old Internet Explorer with their new offering – Edge. It was earlier known as Project Spartan; Microsoft Edge has officially replaced the Internet Explorer. The new explorer enables you to add notes whilst accessing web pages for future reference. This new explorer comes equipped with a new reading mode that eliminates all the distracting elements of a webpage and leaves you with only the text. This gives you enjoyable reading experience and it also comes with faster loading time as well. In addition, with the help of Hub, you have easy access to history, download history, reading list, and favourites.


Cortana is Microsoft’s answer to Apple’s Siri. Initially, Cortana (preview versions) had numerous bugs and various other compatibility issues. Pretty much like on Windows Phone devices, you can have interaction through Cortana using either text or voice queries. With the help of Cortana, you can perform various tasks including scheduling meetings, calling people on Skype, taking notes, playing music, and setting alarms.

With the help of this digital agent, you can easily search your hard drive for any particular files you are looking for, photos of any particular date, or launch PowerPoint presentations by asking your computer to do so. While you are working on a spreadsheet, you can ask Cortana to send an email, making multi-tasking much easier.


With this feature, the operating system will function flawlessly on the tablet and hybrid desktop devices. You can also switch between the desktop and touch modes, but this will depend on the device you are using. The moment you unplug both your mouse and keyboard; you will see a popup asking whether you like to switch to tablet mode.

When you have enabled the tablet mode, the windows on the desktop will automatically go to the full screen. On the other hand, on plugging the keyboard and the mouse, Windows 10 will again show a pop-up asking you whether you would like to return back to the desktop mode.  One more exciting feature of Continuum is its ability to connect your personal computer with your Windows smartphone, making your smartphone a pocket-desktop.

Start Menu

There was no Start menu in Windows 8 and it was really disliked across the world. It is good that Microsoft didn’t repeat the same mistake. The start menu made a comeback with Windows 10 at the front and left side of the home screen. On opening, the menu divides into two columns – one has app-styled icons and the other one has a conventional list of programs.

The start menu, in Windows 10, also has a universal search function, helping you with easy file browsing. There is a power button at the top of options such as shutdown, hibernate, and standby.

Xbox App

Whether you own a tablet or a personal computer, you get to enjoy any Xbox game with Xbox app on Windows 10. This new operating system offers its DirectX 12 support to the Xbox game streaming, with enhanced speed and impressive graphics performance. Using the app, you will be able to share and edit your victories with the help of DVR feature. You can now also join your friends in games across both Xbox & Windows 10 platforms and see the activities of your friend through Xbox Live.

Universal Apps

Microsoft has also launched a fresh category called Universal Apps, making the transition across different devices flawless. Universal Apps does use the same code but adapts its interface as per your device. Microsoft has also bundled its set of Universal apps with the OS, including videos, photos, mail, calendar, maps, people & messaging. The best thing is that all these have identical functioning on personal computers, tablets, and phones.


New Version Of Office Apps

Windows 10 has a new version of Office apps – Excel, Word, and PowerPoint all will have a touch-first interface on smartphones, personal computers, and tablets. At the top of the apps, the constant function ribbon is now an app bar and now it shows as and when required. As for Outlook, you will be able to delete the messages right from your inbox by swiping, each entry, towards the left and when you swipe it towards the right, it will flag the message. The appearance and functioning will be identical both on personal computer and mobile.

Improved Multi-Tasking

With help of its new Multi-Desktops feature, you can easily run another set of windows as though on multiple screens, but without the physical monitor. You may find it identical to Apple’s Spaces feature on OS X and really comes handy in managing multiple open windows and apps.

Action Center

With Windows 10, you now have an all new way of having a glance at your notifications one single place. Charms menu is being replaced by Windows Center. It helps in the collection of all the alerts from your device’s apps, pretty much similar to the notifications drawer in both Android and iOS.

Unified Settings/ Control Panel

Having two separate apps to control the device settings in Control Panel can be a hassle. Now, making things less confusing, Microsoft has brought them in one, making things convenient for you. Managing your device from one place now has become easier.



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