Sales of Galaxy S6 Edge even better than Samsung hoped

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According to industry sources, sales figures for the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, the curvy model launched to complement the new flagship Galaxy S6 smartphone have been even higher than expected. In fact, as it stands, demand is likely to outstrip supply, as consumers by the thousand fall for the Edge’s exciting curves.

Upon launching The Edge, their latest smartphone model, in 20 countries on Friday, Samsung hoped to revitalize mobile sales figures and give the latest Apple range a run for their money.

Success for Samsung – sources have estimated that sales of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge are making up about half of the shipments of all Galaxy S6 models worldwide at the moment, clearly exceeding the market estimates made prior to the release, which foresaw the Edge taking a 20 to 30 percent share of the S6 slice.

According to industry sources, the combined pre-orders of the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge have reached 300,000 in South Korea, a figure much higher than sales of any Galaxy range released before now.

The Edge has been so popular that is widely thought that many retailers have sold out already and have been unable to re-stock. What’s more, industry watchers believe that the shortage will continue for at least a month as it appears that Samsung may have seriously underestimated the demand that there would be for the Galaxy S6 Edge.

So why has it caused such a buzz? Well, for starters, the Edge’s curved screen bends from side to side, allowing users to enjoy an impressive, wider view. It is an inspired update on last year’s Galaxy Note Edge, whose screen bent on only one end and left some Samsung fans distinctly underwhelmed.

Next on the spec list is the built-in battery that can be charged on a wireless basis, a feature that has been seen before in a Samsung smartphone. Finally, a new mobile payment platform, Samsung Pay, will be available for download for the Edge from July, and this has been a factor that has won over some of the many fans.

It’s not all good news for the South Korean tech giant however. While it’s true that the bumper performances of Samsung’s newest offerings are cause for celebration, Samsung is still losing its share of the high-end device market to Apple Inc., who have also struck gold  in the smartwatch sector. Pre-orders for Apple’s Watch were entirely filled in just six hours last week.

Back to smartphones – according to data compiled by market tracker Gartner Inc., Apple enjoyed a 20.4 percent slice of the global smartphone market in the fourth quarter of 2014, shipping an amazing 74.8 million units. By contrast, Samsung lagged behind with 19.9 percent of the market, compared to 29.5 percent of the market a year earlier, when Apple could only boast of 17.8 percent.

Overall, Samsung will surely envy too the estimated sales volume of the Apple Watch (15.4 million according to Market tracker Strategy Analytics). If such predictions are true, Apple will steam ahead to occupy 55 percent of the global market. Bad news for Samsung who had an incredible 71.4 percent as recently as in the first quarter of 2014.

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