How to Select the Best Hard Disk Drive for a PC?

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Introduction and Importance of Hard Disk Drives

Hard-Disk-DriveHard disk drives are one of the most important entities of computer systems and this buying guide to hard disk drives is prepared to help buyers select the appropriate hard disk drives to best fit their requirements. Since hard disk drives contain sensitive data that might be very important for home users and organisations, a thorough market and technical research is quite essential before purchasing the drives. Computer systems are considered complete only if they have operating systems installed in them along with the respective hardware drivers. Operating systems can only be installed on the hard disk drives and if hard disk drives are not present in the computers, no operating systems can be installed and therefore computer systems would just be iron boxes. On the other hand, even if computers have hard disks installed in them and they get corrupted or have bad sectors, data that is stored in them still becomes unreadable and inaccessible. This may result permanent data loss which might sometimes be the cause of monetary setbacks as well.

Hard Disk Drive Manufacturers

Although hard disks are manufactured by various manufacturers, some big players that internal-hddlead the markets are:

  • Maxtor
  • Western Digital
  • Seagate

Apart from the above manufacturers, some others are Samsung, Toshiba, etc.

Almost all hard disk drive manufacturers offer 3 to 5 years’ warranty on their drives. Some manufacturers, like Western Digital, provide on-site replacement which means that the customers only need to register their complaints online or by phone and a representative from the vendor would visit their places and collect the faulty hard disk drives. In some cases representatives also replace the faulty drives hand-to-hand.

Irrespective of hard disk drive (HDD) manufacturers, HDDs can be purchased from anywhere either online or by going to the shops in real. Technospares is one of the best and cheapest online hardware stores that have HDDs of almost all brands. Since is treasured with many fully satisfied customers, it is a ‘must-visit’ store for every computer related hardware devices/accessories/peripherals/storage devices.

Types of Hard Disk Drives

Nowadays hard disks are manufactured in two categories that differ from each other on the basis of Revolution per Minute or RPM. RPM is the number of times a platter of the hard disk drive turns in every 60 seconds. The higher the RPM is, higher the reading and writing speed the hard disk drive has. Although the difference in reading and writing speed is almost negligible and transparent to the users, for the processors even one millisecond makes a huge difference. Hard disk drives with lower RPMs are cheaper as compared to the ones that have higher RPMs.

The two RPMs available in hard disk drives nowadays are:


  • 54,000 RPM – Hard disk drives of this speed are mostly used in homes and in the PCs those are given to the employees in organisations. Since these hard disk drives are cheaper as compared to the ones that have 72,000 rpm, these are best for single computers that are used by one user at a time.
  • 72,000 RPM – Hard disk drives of this speed are best for server computers where data is read and written by multiple users at a single time. Because of the enhanced RPMs, these hard disks work efficiently even when the data stored in them is read or written by several users simultaneously. The servers on which these hard disk drives can perform quite well are Exchange or other such mailings servers, file servers, print servers, etc.
Storage Capacities of Hard Disk Drives

As far as the storage capacity of hard disk drives is concerned, it totally depends on the requirements of the buyers. However the fact of the matter is that the storage capacity of a hard disk drive is consumed exactly the way the storage capacity of a refrigerator at homes does. No matter how much storage capacity both the entities have, after some time consumers require the bigger ones. On the time of writing of this buying guide to hard disk drives, disks that are available in the markets are of:

  • 320 GB
  • 500 GB
  • 640 GB
  • 1 TB
  • 1.5 TB
  • 2 TB

Irrespective of the capacity of the HDDs, they are available as external HDDs that can be connected to the computes via USB ports, and Internal HDDs that are installed inside the desktops or laptop PCs.


To summarise this buying guide to hard disk drives, few points that must be kept in mind before and while buying new HDDs are:

  • For home users and the PCs in organisations that are given to the employees to work, hard disk drives with 54,000 RPM are quite sufficient.
  • Hard disk drives that have 72,000 RPM are best suited for file servers, print servers, mail servers, etc.
  • Before purchasing hard disk drives, customers must check the warranty that hard disk vendors providing.
  • Always ask for an invoice against the purchase of the hard disk drive and make sure that the invoice contains the drive’s serial number.
  • Check the manufacturing date of the hard disk drive as warranty would be applicable from the date of manufacture. Sometimes warranty is also calculated according to the date of purchase of the disks. A proper and valid invoice against the purchase is needed in such cases.
  • Check for the quality and efficiency of after sales services the vendors provide. (Reviews from previous customers would be of great help in this regard.)
  • Before going for hard disk drives with higher capacities, check their compatibility with the motherboards to which they are expected to be connected.
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