Top 6 Websites To Watch Live Streaming Sports Online

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The fact cannot be denied that advanced technology plays an imperative role in our lives. It has certainly simplified the way we do our daily activities. Most of us love sports, some like to watch it the way it happens on the ground and some, like me, like to watch online. As I mentioned the role of advanced technology in our daily lifestyle, online streaming services are also gaining popularity.

So, whether you are interested in watching movies, sports, music, or videos, most of the people prefer watching online while enjoying the comfort of their home. As our daily life schedule has become so hectic and occupied, watching our favourite sports on the television has become almost impossible. And we need a flexible and alternate way to enjoy our favourite sports live and thankfully it is possible with a wide variety of live sports streaming sites.

If you are looking to enjoy your favourite game or match with your friends and family members then you can do this with the help of these free sports streaming websites. Above all, you won’t miss any action. So, here are top 7 websites to watch live streaming sports online.

This one is a new entry in the community of live streaming sports websites. Despite being a newbie, it certainly does a great job by providing free live sports. The best thing about the website is its clutter-free look and the current matches are displayed on the home page, so it saves your time and energy. This online streaming site also supports some of the leading sports including – Basketball, Rugby, Soccer (Football), NFL, Hockey, and Handball. You even don’t have to log in or sign up.

In order to enjoy your favourite sport, you need to first make a choice for a live game, then you get to see links under the Links Tab. Make a choice for any link and it will take you to a new page having your live sport. Yes, you may come across various commercials in between as well.

Being one of the best live sports streaming sites 2017, you get to enjoy live Tennis, Golf, Hockey, Football, and Basketball matches from your smartphone or laptop. The website has all the basic features that a good website should, ideally, have including, simple, clean, easy navigation, etc. You don’t have to wander here and there on the website looking for your favourite sports link on the home page. You even have the provision of having complete information of a particular sport.

With its simplistic design and all the information on the home page, the website looks very appealing. You also have all the live events streaming on the home page itself. Watching almost all kinds of sports here is free. One feature that makes this website to stand out from its competitors is that you even get to choose the time zone. Moreover, it also comes equipped with a live chat widget, you can interact with all those people who have the liking for the same game.


Third on the list is Stream2Watch, a live free sports streaming site featuring multiple international sports live streaming. This website offers some of the exclusive features making it a popular live streaming site. Talking about the interface of the website, it also gives competition to the above-mentioned websites.

You will get all the live sports right on the homepage of the website and this is where you will get the free streaming links for your favourite games. This is the only streaming website which offers several links for one single game. This way you get an assurance that if one link is not working, you can switch to another link to enjoy your favourite game. This website also offers live TV station allowing you to watch live TV and TV shows as well.

This is one of the popular websites for streaming live sports online. Using this website, you can easily enjoy watching live sports online and it also supports all famous sports including – Formula1, Badminton, Baseball, Hockey, Golf, Cricket, Football (Soccer), and Boxing.

You also get to enjoy your favourite sport in your native language, the website supports Francis, Italian, English, Deutsch, Japanese, Espanola, Dutch. Just like other streaming websites, you will get to see all the sports on its homepage and make a selection and watch your favourite sport online. You can also change them as per your liking, changing time zone is also possible, and there is a provision of live chat as well.

With more than 15 million visitors, it is quite a popular live streaming sports website. At this website, you can watch free Rugby, NBA, Football, NHL, MotorSports, Handball, Baseball. You can also use the chat widget and you can easily search live events of your favourite sport online. The website is for over 4 years in this business and still going strong. The website has a clean look and offers easy navigation. Some of the key benefits of this website are –

  • You get to choose from a wide variety of links.
  • You get to enjoy nicely categorised sections along with 11 separate lists: Baseball, Rugby, NFL, Volleyball, Motorsports, Handball, Tennis, and Basketball.
  • If your favourite sport is Football (Soccer), you can even search by the name of the competition: Copa Brasil, Ligue1, La Liga, Bundesliga, and FA Cup. is a well-known sports streaming website, its user-friendliness is the key reason behind its popularity. The landing page gives you in-depth information about the present hour, following hour, and coming weekend. This also helps you to make easy selection and lets you to check in advance whether your match will be streamed or not.

This website is my personal favourite as I always find the link for the sport I wanted to watch and gets updated on a daily basis as well. Above all, this website has also won various awards. Following are the benefits of the website –

  • The website has been designed while keeping each discipline in mind – mainly American Football, Baseball, Golf, and Dart.
  • Amazingly, you can easily see whether the match is live or not.
  • You can watch all leading global sports channel live anytime.
  • There is an instant chat facility as well.



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