Top 7 Music Streaming Apps For iPhone And Android In 2017

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No matter where you are, whether you are sitting in the office & want to have a break, in a gym working out, or just chilling in your home, listening to the music that matches your mood is always nice. With the advancement in the field of technology, today you can listen to your favourite music through various apps (both for Android and iOS) on your smartphones and tablets. Here is my personal top 7 music streaming apps for both iPhone and Android.


Asserting to be one of the popular internet radio platforms that are totally free, Jango successfully makes the music fun, social, and easy. You have the provision of personalising your stations along with your favourite artists or you can also tune into one of the various stations that have been curated by some of the best in the music industry.

Jango is available on the web or you can also download its mobile app. The best thing about the app is that you will not be bothered by the irritating apps while you are listening to your favourite songs.

Available both for Android and iOS.


With Spotify app, you get to stream your favourite music and radio, discover latest songs, and download music for both your smartphone and tablet. Enjoy listening to free music from some of the popular artists and albums, or you can even download songs to create your own playlist. If you are looking to discover new music with ready-made playlists, then you need to download Spotify right away.

Available both for Android and iOS.

Pandora Radio

If you are looking to have a simple music discovery website that streams music, then Pandora is the app you need to download. Pandora is an inventive internet radio service that plays music on the basis of your feedback. When you enter the song’s title or the name of the artist, the app automatically suggests your identical tracks which you can select or reject.

Available both for Android and iOS.


Soundcloud is an amalgamation of social media with music streaming service. Once you have downloaded the app on your smartphone or tablet, you get to browse from the new artists and you can listen to your old favourites as well. You can log-in and you can follow your favourite bands, singers, songs, and you even have the provision of commenting at a certain point of the songs.

Some of the key features of SoundCloud are as follows –

  • You can create playlists for your playlists for workouts, office, or as per your mood.
  • You get to discover new and trending music exclusively on SoundCloud.
  • You can also play, pause, and skip songs even if the screen of your smartphone or tablet is locked.
  • You can also save your favourite songs to your collection.
  • You get to stay connected with your friends and you can also have interaction with your favourite artists via commenting.

Available both for Android and iOS.

TuneIn Radio

TuneIn Radio is one app that allows you to enjoy a wide variety of radio stations that comprises of the music of all kinds, talk radio, news, sports, comedy and various other types of media. If you have downloaded a free version, you will get more than 1000, 000 stations along with numerous podcasts and if you have the Premium version, you can also get to enjoy audiobooks, you can also choose to remove the ads as well, and also listen in the car with Android Auto.

Available both for Android and iOS.

Slacker Radio

This particular app boasts of being a comprehensive music streaming app. Slacker Radio has undergone various changes in the past couple of months. You get to enjoy an access to millions of songs and numerous stations curated by the pros along with various radio options for comedy, news, and sports.

As far as the sound quality is concerned, you get to enjoy crisp and clear audio, enhancing your music listening experience. It comes with a panel-driven interface that highlights curated playlists, new content, and recommended stations. Key features of Slacker Radio are as follows –

  • Free access to numerous interactive and hand-crafted music stations.
  • Unique interactive news and sports programming.
  • On-demand access to millions of songs with a subscription.
  • Free access to your favourite music.
  • Unique interactive news and sports programming.
  • Available on home, car, mobile, web, and home platforms.


Available both for Android and iOS.

YouTube Music

This music app constructs a vast community of users using YouTube. Earlier, it was known as Music Key, YouTube Music gives you an easy access to over 30 million music videos. You have the provision of searching your favourite artists, albums, and videos to generate a non-stop station automatically. In addition to music videos, the app gives you an access to classic recordings, remixes, covers, and full albums.

With YouTube Music app, you get to enjoy your favourite songs without any ads. Even if your screen is off, the music will keep playing. You also have the provision of taking your music on-the-go with an offline mixtape.

Available both for Android and iOS.


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