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Wearable technology describes all those devices which are made to work with the latest and advanced technologies. Wearable devices, using advanced technology, really helps in making our lives easier. There have been a number of wearable technology apps in the market, such apps really help in improving the way tasks and different information are managed.


The first thing you will notice of this newly designed Foursquare app on Android Wear 2.0 is its easy navigation. Now, if you want to have updated information about best places to drink, eating places, and other activities, this app will inform you about all those places near your area. You also get to become a member of a community of all those people who love to search and explore the hidden gems.

Go on and follow your friends, your favourite brands, and other influencers and uncover all the best experiences with numerous tips about the off-the-place menus, speakeasy entrants, and Wi-Fi passwords. It certainly helps you out in what you are looking for and more importantly without wasting much time.


One of the popular running and cycling apps – Strava will not function independently on the latest smartwatch operating system of Google. Now, this will mean that if you have an Android smartwatch, you can easily run this app on your watch. The best part is that you don’t need to carry your smartphone.

The app will also sync with built-in heart rate monitors and some Wear 2.0 watches also let you listen to your favourite music, or take a call while you are training. Strava will be featuring all the important details such as – pace, time, split times, and distance right on your wrist.


If you have Glide installed in your Android Wear, you can easily listen & view your video messages. If you want to reply, you can either record your message from the watch or you can also type messages in order to reply. You can easily tap and talk straight from the home screen, this will help in bringing impressive speed to the wrist-based messaging allowing the conversation to start and pause in a natural way. Both photos and videos are being stored on the secured private cloud of Glide.


Telegram is an instant messaging (IM) app and it is now available on Android Wear 2.0. With the app’s android wear version, you can easily browse the chat history and now you can reply to the messages either through voice or chat. The app also supports emojis and stickers so that you can create your own groups directly from the watch only. It also supports different colour themes.


Well, there is a good news for all those people suffering from diabetes. Now, you can test your blood sugar and lactic acid levels easily. You will also save money on testing strips required to test the blood levels using the conventional glucose monitoring methods.

Instead of a painful prick, K’track will insert micro-needles past your outer layer of the skin. The fluid absorbed from here and soaked up through the device will be transferred to the sensors that will make out the glucose levels. Paired with the K’track app (both android and iOS) you can easily track your glucose levels gradually.


 This is one of the powerful wearable apps in the list. With the help of this app, creating automatic actions based on something that happens is quite easy. For instance – you can set the app to backup all your photos to Dropbox once you have posted them on Instagram. IF by IFTTT has a complete paged dedicated to Android wear recipes that you can use to connect your devices with each other in varied, useful, ways.


This unique wearable app facilitates you to use your Android Wear device as a viewfinder for your smartphone’s camera app. You can easily find a bunch of similar apps and they all work quite well, but the features offered by PixtoCam are special.

The app mainly concentrates on the photographer and allows you to things like zooming, flash adjustments, snapping pictures, using a timer, and more. You also have the facility to use it as a utility app while pointing your phone in all those places you otherwise won’t be able to see.

Key Features –

  • You can enjoy realtime preview, even in the movie recording mode.
  • Functions without any action on the phone, it can be on/off or locked.
  • Comes with both camera mode and video mode.
  • You can also set picture resolution or video profile.
  • Double tap to zoom and long click to reset.
  • Automatic rotation.
  • Spy ready: no window when the phone is on, no action on phone, and no shutter sound.



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